Tired Of Fighting A Losing Battle?

Are you looking for that “Competitive Advantage?”

“Static” marketing methods utilized in the past to get and sustain business no longer work in today’s dynamic marketplace. If you are ready to explore a new dynamic, integrated approach to building your competitive edge in your marketplace…you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the DAVNA Enterprises, LLC website! We are so glad you are here. DAVNA provides comprehensive marketing solutions for public and private organizations worldwide. Our A.C.T.I.V.E. Marketing Solutions combine strategic marketing planning and public awareness programs with systematic teaming alternatives and state of the art technology to maneuver today’s highly volatile and competitive economic environment. They are living, breathing, proactive programs that are targeted and evolve with the changing market conditions. DAVNA’s A.C.T.I.V.E. marketing solutions are designed to optimize return on investment (ROI) with more than 30 years of proven best practices.


Improving Marketing Initiatives

Clear, focused marketing and public awareness programs designed to maneuver the pitfalls left in the wake of the latest economic depression. Our knowledge and experience dealing with a wide variety of corporate environments means that we are uniquely placed to assist in solving complex strategic issues.

Strengthening Overall Performance Values

Establishing programs designed to align leadership action roles with set corporate values contribute to overall improved client satisfaction ratings and creating and sustaining an ethical organizational culture.

Streamlining The Pursuit Process

Collaborative system design and implementation focused on streamlining the project pursuit process allows departments across the organization have faster access to one source of information.

Increasing Shortlist/Win Success Rate

Stumped as to why your competitors are winning deals that should be yours? DAVNA can introduce new advanced techniques and tools for strengthening and improving your business development and proposal/presentation development process.

Incorporating New Marketing Tools

Information is processed real-time with today’s newest marketing technology. It’s more than just a technical phenomenon…it’s a cultural one. DAVNA can provide step-by-step guidance on incorporating today’s new marketing tools into your overall communications program.


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